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6: Which Chargers Team Will Be on the Flight to Buffalo?

With all the joy of flying home after winning a road game, Ben Higgins and John Gennaro fired up the podcast this week and spent a good long time talking about all of the things the San Diego Chargers did right in their 30-21 upset win over the Seattle Seahawks.

They also broke down why the defense was so successful, and tried to figure out which Chargers team we’ll see for the rest of the season: The one that beat Seattle or the one that looked terrible against the Arizona Cardinals?

After that, they did our best to preview Sunday’s game against a mysterious 2-0 Buffalo Bills team that was supposed to be among the worst in the league but might be a challenge for San Diego.

5: Cardinals Review and Seahawks Preview

We know. It’s been a while and you’ve been dying for the BFTB Podcast to return and break down some regular-season action. Well, it’s here!

Unfortunately, there was plenty to be upset about in the San diego Chargers 18-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday, and John may have gone a little overboard with my criticism of Frank Reich and Mike McCoy in this podcast. Ben eventually calmed him down with a short discussion about food, and by pointing out the positive takeaways from Monday’s game.

Ben and John then look ahead on the schedule, building a gameplan for San Diego to beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, and wondering how right or wrong they may have been in our preseason assessments of the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars.

5: Chargers vs Cardinals Preview

Gennaroly Speaking for Week 1 of the regular season! There will be plenty of talk about the Arizona Cardinals and their matchup against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football, but we’ll also spend time talking about the Chargers roster (and if they’re done tinkering with it) and I’ll make some predictions for the season.


1: Chargers vs Cardinals Regular Season Preview

In the inaugural installment of The KP Show, your host and Bolts from the Blue writer Kyle Posey is joined by Seth Cox from Revenge of the Birds, SB Nation’s Arizona Cardinals blog. Kyle and Seth break down the upcoming season-opening matchup between the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals.

4: 2014 San Diego Chargers Season Preview

With the San Diego Chargers’ Week 1 game against the Arizona Cardinals less than a week away, Ben Higgins and myself could have spent this week’s BFTB Podcast previewing that game for an hour. However, with only the preseason completed so far, it’s hard to decipher the strengths and weaknesses of each team besides our own personal opinions of their roster construction.

So, we did the next best thing. We previewed the entire 2014 Chargers regular season, going game-by-game and defending our choices of wins or losses for Mike McCoy’s squad. You’ll be happy to know that we ended up with different records for the team at the end of it.

4: Chargers 53-Man Roster

Last night was fun! Usually, Gennaroly Speaking doesn’t have much of a point and just ends up being a collection of rants from me, but last night we had a goal: Cut the San Diego Chargers roster down from 75 players (currently) to 53 players.

Do I think this will be the Chargers final 53-man roster? No. There will be guys signed from other teams in the mix. However, I do think we made some wise choices when we got rid of 22 players last night.

Here is the spreadsheet we were working off of last night to get down to 53. Guys in green already have secured spots on the roster. Guys in yellow were pushed through to the 53-man roster by us. Guys in red didn’t make the cut.

3: 49ers Review and AFC West Preview

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins break down the San Diego Chargers improved performance in their preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers; a loss that felt more like a win. They also preview the rest of the AFC West.

3: Chargers vs 49ers Preseason Preview

Once again, John Gennaro answers your questions live. Topics this week include who the Chargers should keep as a backup QB, predicting the 53-man roster, and the Chargers defensive line. Oh, and there’s some yelling and berating for stupid questions. Fun was had by all!