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10: Is the Chargers’ Season Over?

Back after a couple weeks. I start out by letting you know that I don’t fault the people who sell their tickets. I know it’s not popular but what’s important to you or me isn’t what’s most important to the person next to us.

After that, I tell you why Chili is overrated.

I get back into the football side of things and why the offense is struggling and tie that in with what adjustments they need to make without Keenan Allen as well as how they match-up with the 49ers.

Finally, I give a hat tip to John Pagano and how well the defense has performed the last 2 weeks. I get into a little match-up talk with 49ers offense.

As always, thanks for listening guys.


19: The San Diego … Raiders?!?

Ben and John got a chance to stop and breathe after last week’s marathon podcasting session. The Chargers are coming off their second loss in as many weeks, but that’s not bringing John and Ben down. This is an upbeat podcast with some great discussion.

Topics this week include:

  • Recapping the Broncos game and what went wrong
  • Whom to keep and who can go as the Chargers their offensive line
  • The Chargers’ path to the playoffs (it’s not all bleak)
  • The Raiders are moving to San Diego?
  • Previewing Saturday’s game against the 49ers in San Francisco

Trust me, this is a good one.

18: The LA Chargers? (Part 2)

And now for part two of our BFTB podcast double-header!

You heard them tease it in Part 1 of this week’s Bolts from the Blue podcast, John and Ben begin part 2 by expanding on the possibility that this is the last home game at Qualcomm Stadium for the San Diego Chargers. It’s not an easy prospect for fans to accept, but one that must be discussed. The idea of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles isn’t a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but this time it feels different; why is that?

Bringing things back into the present, John and Ben turn their attention back to the upcoming showdown with the Denver Broncos on Sunday, wondering what the Chargers need to do differently this time. And things get wrapped up nicely with their predictions.

18: Who should be fired? (Part 1)

John and Ben have a lot to say this week. So much so, that we had to break this week’s podcast up into two separate episode. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

In Part 1 of our adventure, our two heroes start things off by breaking down the Chargers’ loss to the New England Patriots. They find themselves realizing that the Chargers were completely outmatched by the Patriots, both in coaching and in the players. Mike McCoy is taken to task for this game, and then John and Ben decide to move on quickly from the game and look ahead to the future.

With the regular season drawing to a close already, attention turns to the playoffs and just what are the Chargers’ chances of making the playoffs. Would a 10-6 record be good enough?

Moving on, what changes should the Chargers make in the offseason? Are any coaches safe on this team? Does there need to be some changes?

Find out, in part 1 of this week’s Bolts from the Blue Podcast.

12: How to Follow Instructions

Hide yo pens, John was feeling extra surly this week, and nobody was spared his wrath. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so bad, but John did get a bit testy with people in fail to follow basic instructions.

Aside from the drama and berating, John did get to touch on some important subjects. Injured players, future free agent targets, fashion, and the deeply important question of why Patriots players were seen hanging out with the Biebs.

No pens were harmed in the recording of this podcast.


9: Patriots Week!

I start out by going over some things that stood out in this last weeks thriller over the Ravens. Segue into previewing New England. This week I’m joined by Ethan Hammerman, a Patriots fan who writes about the team & covers the draft. Ethan actually lived in San Diego a year ago. We talk about everything from the matchups, to the hit podcast Serial, to the best Christmas movies of all time. We finish off by giving a prediction where I can’t say I’m as optimistic as I’ve been in the past.

As always, thanks for listening.

17: Tom Brady is a Very Good Quarterback

John and Ben are back to bask in the glow following the Chargers’ come-from-behind victory in Baltimore. There was plenty good to take away from this game, and John and Ben talked about it all. From the stellar performance of Philip Rivers, to the receivers, to the improvements made by the – gasp – coaching staff, there was plenty to take away. Moving on, the pair takes a look at this week’s playoff picture and then transition into discussing the upcoming primetime showdown against the New England Patriots.

This is a good one.

16: Here Comes the Gauntlet

John’s and Ben’s hearts are still racing from the Chargers game against the Rams, easily the most exciting game of the season. They break down the Chargers win over the tough St. Louis Rams, keeping Jeff Fisher’s winless streak against the Chargers alive. They then move on to talk about the offensive line and why the Chargers can’t seem to keep their Centers healthy. Moving on to the bigger picture, the talk turns to the playoffs and how the upcoming game against the Ravens is one the Chargers simply can’t afford to lose. And with that, they close things out with their predictions for Sunday’s game.

11: Welcoming the Rams to Town

Should San Diego Chargers fans be worried about their 6-4 team? That’s the big topic I’ll be hitting right away in this week’s version of Gennaroly Speaking, but then I’ll be going through previously-submitted questions and any questions submitted in the live thread.

8: Raiders Review and Rams Preview

I’m joined by Matthew Stanley as we recap the Raiders game. We start out by talking about the backfield and what Ryan Mathews usage will be moving forward and why he should be used as a receiver. Continuing with the offense we go in depth on why and who is struggling for the offensive line and how that’s effecting the rest of the time. We finish off the offensive talk with how Philip Rivers has been performing.

Defensively, we both give praise to how the players were used, how they played, and the energy they brought. We segue into match ups against the Rams and go over what we’ve seen as well as the positives and negative match ups for San Diego. We finish off by giving a prediction for the game.

As always, thanks for listening.