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8: Raiders Review and Rams Preview

I’m joined by Matthew Stanley as we recap the Raiders game. We start out by talking about the backfield and what Ryan Mathews usage will be moving forward and why he should be used as a receiver. Continuing with the offense we go in depth on why and who is struggling for the offensive line and how that’s effecting the rest of the time. We finish off the offensive talk with how Philip Rivers has been performing.

Defensively, we both give praise to how the players were used, how they played, and the energy they brought. We segue into match ups against the Rams and go over what we’ve seen as well as the positives and negative match ups for San Diego. We finish off by giving a prediction for the game.

As always, thanks for listening.


15: Los Angeles Week

John and Ben are back to discuss the Chargers win over the Raiders, they answer listener mail, and then they look ahead to Sunday’s game against the surprisingly dangerous St. Louis Rams.

If you can’t get enough Chargers football, be sure to join Ben Higgins on the Bolts Brown Bag, every Monday at 12:30pm Pacific.


14: Front-Loaded Injuries

The bye week is over and it’s officially Raiders Week! So y’all need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause Raiders fans are in town. Alright, maybe it’s not that bad, but the Oakland Raiders and their fans are coming to town and that means it’s time to reignite the old rivalry.

Before discussing this week’s game, John and Ben take a few minutes to look back on the first half the San Diego Chargers 2014 NFL season. They wonder what the best and worst games of the season were, who the MVP of the half-season was, and they wondered what changes would they make if the season ended today. Also, many key players are coming back from injury, but who’s the most important player set to return? Who is the player nobody is talking about?

Moving on to the future, John and Ben discuss whether the Raiders are a legit threat on Sunday, if they’ve gotten any better since the last time they played the Chargers, and do they have a shot at going 0-16.

If you can’t get enough Chargers football, be sure to join Ben Higgins on the Bolts Brown Bag, every Monday at 12:30pm Pacific.


13: “We Needed an Embarrassing Loss Like This”

Ben and John find themselves in unfamiliar territory as the San Diego Chargers find themselves on the losing end of a blowout game. It might not all be bad news, could this have been a “good” loss that the team can learn from and refocus? Was it enough to shock the team back into form?

As the team heads into the bye week, Ben and John discuss which players will enjoy the extra rest the most and what major adjustments the team can make going forward.

With the extra rest comes hope that some of the key players sidelined by injuries could make a comeback. Where in the world is Manti Te’o? When could Melvin Ingram return? What about Ryan Mathews vs Branden Oliver?

Wrapping things up, John and Ben go back through Tom Telesco’s two years of draft picks, breaking them down and assigning grades to each player.

And don’t worry, the BFTB Podcast won’t be taking a bye week. We’ll be back next week!


12: Public Enemy Number One at Chargers Park

Ben is back in the saddle after a successful trip to fend off the evil forces of the world. Ben joins John once again and they discuss the team’s handling of Jahleel Addae’s concussion during the Thursday night loss to the Denver Broncos. They then discuss how the team can improve as well as potential targets before the trade deadline.


11: Ben is Off Battling Evil

Ben Higgins is off fighting crime this week, so John Gennaro is joined by San Diego radio legend Craig Elsten. John and Craig discuss the Chargers loss to the Chiefs, the rash of injuries to the team, how they would “fix” the issues on the team, then they look ahead to the Broncos game and wonder if the Chargers could pull out a win in Denver.


10: The Southern California Chargers

John Gennaro takes to the mic once again this week to answer your questions, live on the air. This week, John talks about whether or not the Raiders were playing dirty football, previewing the Kansas City Chiefs, and why do San Diego football fans hate LA football fans?


10: Your Favorite Hour of Every Week

John and Ben return for what is everyone’s favorite hour of the week to question whether Chargers fans should be worried following their 31-28 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Then the attention shifts to Branden Oliver’s role on the team after Ryan Mathews returns, why Keenan Allen is in a sophomore slump, and just how good are the Kansas City Chiefs?