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Latest Episodes

11: Ben is Off Battling Evil

Ben Higgins is off fighting crime this week, so John Gennaro is joined by San Diego radio legend Craig Elsten. John and Craig discuss the Chargers loss to the Chiefs, the rash of injuries to the team, how they would “fix” the issues on the team, then they look ahead to the Broncos game and wonder if the Chargers could pull out a win in Denver.

10: The Southern California Chargers

John Gennaro takes to the mic once again this week to answer your questions, live on the air. This week, John talks about whether or not the Raiders were playing dirty football, previewing the Kansas City Chiefs, and why do San Diego football fans hate LA football fans?

10: Your Favorite Hour of Every Week

John and Ben return for what is everyone’s favorite hour of the week to question whether Chargers fans should be worried following their 31-28 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Then the attention shifts to Branden Oliver’s role on the team after Ryan Mathews returns, why Keenan Allen is in a sophomore slump, and just how good are the Kansas City Chiefs?

9: Could the Chargers Lose to the Raiders?

John Gennaro talks about the 4-1 San Diego Chargers, their perfect offense, the future of Branden Oliver, and their upcoming game against the Raiders. Should fans be concerned about a trap game? Have the injuries become too much for Philip Rivers to overcome? John has the answers!

9: A Sad State of Affairs for Raiders Fans

It’s Raiders week! That used to mean a lot more back when the rivalry was strong, but the Raiders have always been a tough opponent (especially in Oakland), so they shouldn’t be taken lightly. That doesn’t mean John and Ben can’t have a little fun talking about the Raiders organization.

They also look back to the Jets game and wonder how they could have been so wrong in predicting the outcome of that game.

Oh, and Ben finally learned how to spell John’s name.

4: Previewing Chargers vs Jets with “Turn on the Jets”

In this week’s installment, Kyle Posey starts off by reviewing last week’s Jaguars game. He touches on how impressive the offensive play calling was, the offensive line, and how guys are winning their battles up front on defense.

He is then joined by Mike O’Connor from Turn on the Jets. They preview all the ins and outs from this upcoming Sunday’s matchup, talking about everything you can expect to see as well as give a prediction who wins.

8: Previewing Chargers vs Jets

John Gennaro answers questions directly from the fans, previewing the upcoming Chargers vs Jets game, recent injury woes, and potentially looking to the draft alread.

8: Two “N”s, One “R”

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins break down the San Diego Chargers’ easy win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Eddie Royal’s effectiveness, and a preview of a potential trap game against the New York Jets this week. Oh, and John gives Ben a spelling lesson.