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129: Chargers vs Jaguars: 2 INTs under 2 minutes and the Chargers Still Lose

The Chargers lose a tough one in Jacksonville in OT but the guys start off with some of the positives from Sunday including the return of LB Denzel Perryman, the emergence of RB Austin Ekeler plus the Defense holding strong the entire game. Following the encouraging  aspects of game the guys talk about all that went wrong to lose that game as if to build you up just to knock you down, much like the Chargers. They wrap it up by discussing Philip Rivers concussion and what that means for the backup quarterbacks, the future at QB and the Offensive Line and also can Kirk Cousins be the answer?

128: Top 5 & 3 Worst Chargers Halfway Through The Season

It’s the Bye Week for the Chargers and it marks the halfway point of the 2017 season. Rather than handing out midseason grades, they know everyone loves a Top 5 list so they ranked the Top 5 best Chargers players this season. They also rank the 3 most disappointing guys thus far and also rattle off some real surprises through 8 games. The guys answer some questions about whether they would still perfer taking a QB in the 1st round next year, 3 things they’d like to see improved with this team and what to do with Pulley, Wiggins and Barksdale next year.

127: Chargers vs Patriots: They Beat Themselves, It Wasn’t The Refs

Chargers lost in Foxborough and enter the Bye Week with a 3-5 record. The guys discuss the Special Teams errors, multiple coaching mistakes and some questionable playcalls during the game Sunday. They also talk about Dan Feeney’s great rookie debut, the Defense doing their job and how the “pick play” didn’t change the outcome of the game. Lastly, they take questions on who is holding this Offense back, whether Melvin Gordon should be the running back for the future and what these close loses might mean for the rest of the year

126: Chargers vs Broncos: Defining Moment for HC Anthony Lynn

The Chargers win three in a row by blanking the Broncos at home 21-0. On the podcast, Garrett and Jamie discuss how Head Coach Anthony Lynn has really made this his team and the significance of him flexing on the sideline during the 4 down goal line try.  They also talk about the “roughing the passer” penalty on Melvin Ingram, how Dan Feeney will fill-in in the absence of Matt Slauson and the monster day from Travis Benjamin.

125: Chargers vs Raiders: Can the Chargers get to 4-4 at the Bye?

The Chargers get their second victory in a row, this time on the road in Oakland against a divisional rival to move up in the AFC West standings. On the show the guys talk about some key runs by Melvin Gordon, the improvement of Philip Rivers over the last two weeks and the growth of the Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn. They also discuss whether the team can get to .500 going into the bye week, an update on Denzel Perryman and if they think Offensive Lineman Dan Feeney is going to be in the starting lineup soon.

124: Chargers vs Giants: Key Adjustments Lead to Victory Monday

The Chargers get their first win of the 2017 season and the Lightning Round Podcast gets do to their first show after a victory since November of 2016. Last week the guys talked about the system and personnel changes they’d like to see implemented the rest of the season and the team actually employed a lot of those principles against the Giants. They discussed what worked and what didn’t, why there may be some reasons for optimism, some college QB names and how about trading a WR to the Giants?

123: Chargers vs. Eagles: Anthony Lynn is making changes? We have suggestions

The Chargers are 0-4 and the guys decide to scrap the game recap this week to offer some solutions. Head Coach Anthony Lynn said he’s making some changes this week heading into the Giants game and they offer some short term adjustments to the team they’d liked to see this season. They take some questions about whether Anthony Lynn should be fired after the season, if Ken Whisenhunt should stay and also if the Chargers should spend a 1st round draft pick on a QB in 2018.

122: Chargers vs. Chiefs: The Future of Philip Rivers and Jason Verrett

Garrett and Jamie started this podcast off with a conversation they didn’t necessarily want to have but they can no longer put it off after the game Sunday. What do the Chargers do for the future at Quarterback? How soon should the team replace Philip Rivers? When do the Chargers need to draft a Quarterback? All questions they addressed. They then talk about the Jason Verrett’s recent injury, the details of his 5th year option and his future with the team as well.

121: Chargers vs. Dolphins: Still Not Panicking

Due to some unforeseen circumstances the boys couldn’t get into the studio to record this week so they recorded the podcast over Youtube.  They talk about game-to-game adjustments and personnel decisions the coaching staff made during this week compared to last. The guys discuss the all-time Tight End TD record, the monster season Jatavis Brown is having, how Desmond King has earned his playing time and why they aren’t panicking…yet.

120: Chargers vs. Broncos: The Offensive Line Is Getting A Bad Rap

The Chargers lose a tough one in Denver on Monday night and are 0-1 to begin the NFL season. So, what did we learn? A lot of questions were answered in the first game and the guys talk about their important takeaways from this loss. They discuss the Linebacker rotation, the playcalling, clock management, the tackling, Corey Liuget and why the Chargers Offensive Line didn’t play as bad as they are getting credit for.