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31: The International Sensation (Kinda, Not Really)

In this week’s episode both Garrett and Jamie discuss what battles in Chargers training camp they’ll be looking out for and who could be on the roster bubble. The guys take a question from Dominique Wilkins (they hope) and they drop some names of possible players that could be cut that would be options for the Chargers. Join the “David Hasselhoff of Podcasts” as they dive head first into the Chargers making a big push to sign Philip Rivers before training camp and pretty much drown their sorrows in the thought of Johnnie Troutman starting at Right Guard.

22: Ben Higgins is your new ‘Bachelor’

Have you guys heard the news yet? Ben Higgins has been selected as the next contestant on The Bachelor! Which is particularly interesting considering he’s already married and has two sons already. Bah, who am I to judge?

The 2015 NFL season is slowly inching closer and everyone is assembling again, dusting off their equipment, adjusting things, and getting ready for the show. In what has felt like forever, during what feels like the longest offseason ever, John and Ben are back to tickle your ears with their Chargers hot takes.

Our fearless heroes start things out with a quick recap of the Chargers’ tumultuous offseason before looking ahead to the 2015 season. Each of them described their “best case scenario” and their “worst case scenario” for the upcoming season, before handing out roses (Bachelor style!) to the most important players on the team this year.

30: Talking Chargers ‘Cause Somebody Has To

In this week’s episode Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle go over the Chargers 2016 Free Agents and discuss who they think will re-sign and which players they think will play elsewhere. They also talk about Corey Liuget’s contract, Eric Weddle not having a contract and whether or not Evan Mathis would “fit” with the Chargers. Garrett reminisces about his past rock n’ roll lifestyle, Jamie has a very surprising roster cut prediction and we learn a new word in Portuguese.

13: Back and Angrier than Ever

He’s back! John takes to the mic again to answer your questions, and he’s saltier than ever.

If you’re new to this, Gennaroly Speaking is a (usually) weekly show hosted by BFTB managing editor John Gennaro where he answers all your questions live. It’s been a few months since our last installment and so there was a lot to cover.

Topics this week included:

  • Chargers Offensive Line
  • The NFL Draft
  • The tumultuous Chargers offseason
  • Los Angeles/Carson Stadium Situation
  • Eric Weddle vs Tom Telesco

It’s a great time, so pop your headphones in and listen away!

29: Liuget’s Contract & Addition by Subtraction

In this week’s episode, Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle discuss the projected contract numbers for Corey Liuget’s soon-to-be-new deal. The guys discuss the improvement to both the Offensive Line and Wide Receiver positions and try to explain what’s going on with Ladarius Green. They also talk about DJ Fluker’s weight loss, Denzel Perryman’s dodgeball skills and how the Chargers Offense stacks up against the rest of the AFC West.


28: Barksdale and Rivers and Weddle; Oh, My

Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle discuss the ramifications of the Joe Barksdale signing and what that means for DJ Fluker. They give an outlook on both Eric Weddle and Philip Rivers contract situations and how soon they think either deal can get done.  Finally, the guys throw out a few names of some of the UDFA’s to keep an eye on as Training Camp approaches.

14: Offensive Line Primer

Joined by Duke Mayweather to talk a position we feel the Chargers may address, offensive tackles. Duke is one of, if not the smartest person when it comes to offensive lineman. He played in college, coached in college, and was the right hand man for former All-Pro LeCharles Bentley’s OL performance academy.

We started off by looking at what traits Duke looks for in the position, and tied it into specific prospects. We then went over our tackle rankings, some unheralded names, & who might be a bust. This is jam packed full of jargon so soak up the knowledge & follow Duke to ask him any questions about offensive line.

1: Welcome to San Diego

In this first episode of the Bolts from the Blue Stadium Podcast…

We start out with a lightning round history of the stadium situation in San Diego, going all the way back to when the Chargers played in Balboa Stadium the different versions of San Diego/Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium, and the various sites and locations around San Diego where stadiums have been floated up to January of this year.

Next, there’s an interview with Erik Bruvold and Vince Vasquez of the National University System Insititute for Policy Research, which discusses a potential 2016 vote in San Diego, San Diego Market size, and problems with the Economic Impact Report released for the Carson project.

Next, I get to wildly speculate on what will happen if the NFL does decide to move up the relocation window to Fall of 2015, with my guesses on the NFL choosing Inglewood, Carson, or no one moving in 2016.

Last, we wrap up with a completely unrelated pop-culture item, in which I explain why the video game Alien: Isolation would make the next great cable television series.

The following papers were referenced during the interview:

13: Talking with Stanford DE Henry Anderson

I wanted to change it up this week so instead of talking about a positional group in the draft I’m joined by Stanford’s defensive end Henry Anderson. If you missed it, I wrote about him on Tuesday and think he’ll be a very good player no matter where he goes. I asked Anderson a series of questions and just sort of gave him the floor.

We started talking about how he got to Stanford, and he tells a great story about Jim Harbaugh. We segue into who was the best players he faced in his career and one of the names he brings up will be very familiar to Charger fans. I asked Anderson what he feels like his best position would be in the NFL and if there are any things he looks for from an offensive lineman pre-snap that will help him win before the play even starts. We also talk about his combine and if he expected to test as well as he did, where are some areas he can improve on in his game, what he’s looking forward to in the NFL and much more.

This was fun to hear the player side of things, and hopefully I can get more prospects on to share their side of the story. Thank you to Henry for taking the time to do this and thank you for listening.


12: Running Backs in the 2015 NFL Draft

Joined by Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan this week to talk about running backs in the NFL Draft. Emory talks about traits that translate, so we give our top 3 traits that we feel translate to the NFL.

We get into the combine and why Emory thinks it’s not that valuable, and before moving on from the combine we make some predictions on who will be the top performers at each event.

We talk about why it’s important to have playmakers on your offense and go through some of the top players and say what their “trump card” is and what is a reason they won’t succeed.

Finally, we get into the best landing spot for each running back.

As always, thanks for listening.