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86: Let’s All Get Joey Bosa Tattoos

The Chargers get the win after the bye and there a lot of good things to discuss on the show. Most players benefited from the extra week off and it seems the Chargers coordinators did too. The guys talk about their philosophy on signing Free Agent Wide Receivers, the extensive Bill Belichick coaching tree and should we all go get Joey Bosa tattoos? That and much more on this edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.

85: Chargers Midseason Grades

Step into the classroom while your instructors with no prior classroom experience grade out the Chargers position groups. Consider yourself lucky they are discussing football and not Basic Algebra because they are giving out “midseason” grades with the season more than halfway. The guys hand out letter grades and of course begin discussing new coaches, possible free agents and the draft because you won’t stop asking them about it.  This is the bye week edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.


84: Rivers Threw That Game Away

The Chargers lost a game they needed in order to help their playoff chances and head into the bye at 4-6. The duo talks about Philip Rivers questionable decisions in the 4th quarter and how nobody else was helping around him either. Since the Chargers playoff hopes are all but gone the guys get questions about the draft, biggest position of need, head coaching candidates and is it time to start #DownWithTheTank2?

83: Gordon’s Best Game as a Charger?

Was this Melvin Gordon’s best game as a Charger to date? The guys discuss Gordon’s importance on the win over the Titans and the Chargers gameplan for him in the future. They talk about the defensive turnovers and some other good storylines from Sunday’s game. Also in the show there is chatter about some questionable coaching decisions, how Tyrell Williams is being used even though he’s still less than 100%, a quick preview of next week’s game against Miami and much more.

82: Lightning Round Podcast Haunted House

Enter the Lightning Round Podcast Haunted House as we take you through some chilling rooms full of terrors. After the horrifying tour is mercifully over, the guys discuss the frustrating game in Denver and of course talk about the four down series at the two yard line. There were some good takeaways from the game, they rave about the defense plus a ton more to discuss on this week’s episode of the Lightning Round Podcast. Happy (late) Halloween.

81: Time To Buy Into the Chargers?

The Chargers go on the road and get their biggest win in over two years, is it time to start believing this team can do some damage? The guys talk about about if their thinking playoffs but break down some of the keys to the victory on Sunday against Atlanta. The guys also discuss Joey Bosa and when you can expect them to stop gloating, the gameplan to beat Denver and much more on this late-in-the-week edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.

80: A Good Day for the Young Guns

After 10 straight losses, the Chargers finally get a win within the division. The guys recap the Thursday night victory and it’s all about the team’s 2016 draft class pushing this game into the win column. They discuss the highlights and lowlights, answer questions about the team’s possible success going forward, preview next week’s matchup against Atlanta and does Melvin Gordon stink? All that and more on this episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.


6: Chargers Week 6 Preview Show – Chargers vs Broncos

Matthew Stanley and Garrett Sisti are joined by guest star Kyle Posey. The guys talk about week 5’s loss to the Oakland Raiders and preview the week 6 matchup vs the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

79: We All Witnessed Bosa’s Greatness

The guys discussed the pleasure of watching Joey Bosa’s debut with the Chargers on Sunday. They tackle the post-game headlines: What’s wrong with Drew Kaser? Was Josh Lambo wrong for smiling and having fun with the opposing kicker after the game? Should Mike McCoy have gone for it on 4th & short rather than attempting the field goal? The show also touches on some other good things from Sunday outside of Joey Bosa, how many games they think the Chargers will win this year and what their touchdown dances would be plus more on this episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.

78: I’m sorry Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, You Don’t Deserve This

Let’s be honest, it’s time to hold this franchise accountable from the top all the way to the bottom and let’s not by coy either, it’s time to come down on this organization’s failures. Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are future Hall of Famers and they don’t deserve this type of season, they deserve better management. So Garrett and Jamie become unhinged and lay into everybody for the way they’ve been running this Chargers organization and how this season is nothing new from those in charge. After the guys unload, they take questions about future coaches, future drafts picks and what to look forward to this season and much much more on this special edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.