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Latest Episodes


56: Draft Show: QBs, TEs & FBs

The guys kick off the show talking about the Chargers staying in San Diego and the response from some of the players. They breakdown three position groups in the upcoming draft: Quarterbacks, Tight Ends and Fullbacks. While discussing these positions in this first draft edition Podcast of this offseason, they talk about guys they like, don’t like and some sleepers that they would like to target later in draft.


55: New Stadium, New Coaches and a New CFL Addition

The guys get caught up on what has happened since the Chargers season ended. They discuss where the Chargers stadium issue stands now after the owners meeting and talk about all the new hires to the Chargers coaching staff. Also talk about Mike McCoy’s extension and question what the team will do with the newly signed CFL Inside Linebacker Dexter McCoil.


Who Killed the San Diego Chargers 2015 Season?: A Serial Parody

Since the end of the 2014 season we’ve watched the Chargers slowly deteriorate.  We tried to get to the bottom of this exceptional case and investigate what exactly happened over this past year. Who destroyed this team’s potential? Who is guilty of this extraordinary crime? After much research we’ve lined up a number of suspects backed by incriminating evidence (including witness accounts) and ultimately tried to find the truth. After combing through countless hours of detailed analysis we’ve found it imperative to help answer the question: who killed the San Diego Chargers 2015 season?


53: A Lump of Coal on Christmas Eve

The Podcasting duo is back after the Christmas break to review the Chargers overtime loss to the Raiders on Christmas Eve. The guys help drive the “Elf” joke from the Chargers Twitter account last Thursday into the ground with a special intro to the show. The boys talk about Dontrelle Inman stepping up at safety and if that’s earned him a spot on the Chargers roster in 2016. They also discussed if they think McCoy has kept his job, what kind of record we can expect next year with this Chargers team and they have to live a nightmare scenario with their three “guys” off the board and making the selection on draft day.


52: Emotional Win at the Q

Jamie and Garrett discuss the Chargers win against the Dolphins and the overall emotion in the stadium that day. They talk about the future of the Podcast, why it’s time to stop making excuses for Melvin Gordon and talk some Free Agency and the draft. The guys discuss cuts they’d make on each side of the ball, why they’re afraid Mike McCoy might keep his job, talk about the Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. scuffle and much much more on this installment of the Lightning Round Podcast.


51: A Look Into the Future

On the Lightning Round Podcast, the guys talk about the young players who showed up on Sunday and gave the fans a glimpse into future. They play the game of “cut, trade and keep” with Melvin Ingram, Manti Te’o and Brandon Flowers. Not only do they take more draft questions but they project what the Chargers defense would look like if they ran a 4-3 and decide between Beyonce or Nicki Minaj, all on this weeks’ show.


50: 50 Shows, Where’s Our Extension?

The Lightning Round Podcast celebrates its 50th show and truly thanks everyone who continues to listen and help make this Podcast so much fun to do. The guys talk about Tom Telesco’s hidden contract and the report of the team thinking about retaining Head Coach Mike McCoy. They also give their opinions on how the team reacted after Broncos Linebacker Von Miller got in the face of Philip Rivers Sunday, discuss what’s going on with Offensive Guard Orlando Franklin and much more on E50 of the Lightning Round Podcast.


49: The Jags Poked the Bear

On this week’s show, Garrett and Jamie discuss the Chargers first road win and a couple things that were encouraged from the game Sunday. They also talk about Mike McCoy walking out on the media, his animated press conference after the win and D.J. Fluker’s multiple concussions last week. Jamie shed some light on Donald Butler’s contract and end the show on high note by settling the debate: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Another good time on the Lightning Round Podcast.


48: Uncensored & Fed Up

The Uncensored version of the Lightning Round Podcast is NSFW

If you need a reminder, this edition of the Podcast is chock-full of profanity so get the young ones out of the room, make sure your co-workers are not within earshot and all the sensitive Chargers fans are not anywhere near the area. The most requested version of the show is back, so sit back and enjoy the dark side of the uncensored version of the Lightning Round Podcast because we’re all just fed up.


47: Mid-Season Awards

The Chargers find a way not to lose during the Bye Week and the dynamic duo of Jamie and Garrett hand out some mid-season awards a week too late. They talk about what they did without Chargers football on Sunday and get a lot more questions about 2016 draft picks. The boys discuss the potential of using a Fullback, project the repercussions of the Chargers drafting a project with a Top 5 pick and a lot more on this edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.