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Latest Episodes


65: Gordon’s Microfracture Surgery & UDFAs

On this episode, the guys cover the newest addition to the Interior of the Chargers Offensive Line Matt Slauson and what it means for the rest of the line. They cover the ramifications of Melvin Gordon’s microfracture surgery and why they’re not worried about his health short-term. Garrett went to Rookie Mini-Camp and talked about who impressed and they both discussed which Undrafted Free Agents to keep an eye on come Training Camp.

64: Chargers Draft Recap

Your consensus #1 overall pick for a Podcast, the Lightning Round Podcast breaks down every selection for the Chargers during the draft. The guys also talk about how the players drafted fit with the teams, the Chargers overall draft strategy and what this means for other players on this roster. They talk about the new identity of this team, a listener asks Jamie to apologize and believe it or not they both give the Chargers GM Tom Telesco some much deserved respect for his draft class.


63: Chargers Mock Draft Madness

The 2016 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away and Jamie and Garrett buckle down and do four total mock drafts. They each predict what they think the Chargers will do with their eight total draft picks and then they show how good of a GM they can be and make the Chargers selections how they see fit. The mock draft madness ends and the guys take some last minute draft questions to tie everybody over. It’s the last show before the draft.


62: Draft Show: Defensive Linemen

The Lightning Round Podcast covers its final and most important position group, the Defensive Line. Garrett and Jamie make an argument for the Chargers taking Joey Bosa or DeForest Buckner at the 3rd overall pick. The guys had the bright idea to let the fans vote on whether they wanted to have one long Podcast this week or split these two groups up and they decisively decided to have probably the longest show to date. They talk about some Defensive Line options at the top of the second round, Garrett does a hat tip to the late Garry Shandling (which no one will get) plus a whole lot more on this week’s show.

61: Draft Show: Offensive Linemen

On this installment of the Lightning Round Podcast Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle breakdown Offensive Lineman in this years’ draft.  The boys discuss Offensive Tackles Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley and what to like and not like about the two Lineman that have been both picked to go to the Chargers in multiple mock drafts. They pick some sleepers to watch for and dive into a deep Center class which just so happens to be one of the Chargers biggest need, plus a whole lot more.


60: Draft Show: Linebackers

The boys are back with their draft talk as they preview this year’s Linebacker class. They cover a lot of the marquee names including Myles Jack, Jaylon Smith and Leonard Floyd, among a ton others and Jamie and Garrett also give you some sleepers to keep an eye on. They are giving away some more free stuff, have a brand new NSFW bit and Garrett predicts who the Chargers draft in the top of the third round, all this and more on this week’s Podcast.

Squadcast/Lightning Round Podcast Crossover

One half of each of the two Chargers Podcast juggernauts, John Gennaro from the Squadcast and Garrett Sisti from the Lightning Round Podcast, join forces for this crossover Podcast. The two worlds collide to discuss Laremy Tunsil at pick #3, what RG3 means for the Browns at the pick before and also a brief discussion on the location of the stadium. They riff on why the name “Convadium” sucks, try to avoid talks on gay and race relations, reminisce on the best crossovers in TV history and also how they became Chargers fans. They both will return next week to their own shows but for now enjoy the conversation.


59: Free Agency Recap

The Chargers made a lot of moves since the last Lightning Round Podcast and Garrett and Jamie are covering them all. They talk about the roster cuts of “the Donalds,” Kavell Conner and Chi Chi Ariguzo which set-up some extra money and a few openings in the Chargers line-up. The discussion continues with the opening of Free agency and the guys that got new deals, outside acquisitions, contract restructures and of course the departures of some former players. While they had planned on talking about rookie Wide Receivers, the Chargers had other plans by adding two to the roster and making the position less of a need. No fear, the hours of watching tape that resulted in Jamie crashing his computer and Garrett having to cram 12 prospects in 2 days is not in vein; they give you a 1 minute rundown of their Top 5 Wide Receiver rookie rankings.


58: Free Agency Frenzy

Taking a break from draft talk, Garrett and Jamie layout their offseason plan going into Free Agency. They discuss who on the roster deserves contract extensions before they hit Free Agency and what current players on the team need to get cut before the season begins. The guys then dive into Free Agency and talk what guys deserved to be re-signed and then they go outside of the team and talk about what external Free Agents they would sign to help improve the Chargers before going into the draft.


57: Draft Show: Cornerbacks & Safeties

It’s time for some more draft profiles and on this show Garrett and Jamie are covering Cornerbacks and Safeties. If you need another reason to listen to this week’s Lightning Round Podcast, they put together another bit before the intro plus they are giving away a free Chargers inspired shirt on the show and give you a chance to win it. Hooray for free stuff! The guys argue about Florida State CB/S Jalen Ramsey who has been mocked to go the Chargers at the #3 pick. They cover the DBs in this year’s draft, give some of their sleepers and answer a whole lot more draft questions on this installment of the Podcast.