Gennaroly Speaking

Gennaroly Speaking is a weekly talk show discussing the current state of the San Diego Chargers. Hosted by John Gennaro, managing editor of Bolts From the Blue, Gennaroly Speaking is a show full of deep insight and thoughtful analysis. Join as John answers your questions live on the air, and you can even participate live at Bolts from the Blue.

Hosted by John Gennaro.


13: Back and Angrier than Ever

He’s back! John takes to the mic again to answer your questions, and he’s saltier than ever.

If you’re new to this, Gennaroly Speaking is a (usually) weekly show hosted by BFTB managing editor John Gennaro where he answers all your questions live. It’s been a few months since our last installment and so there was a lot to cover.

Topics this week included:

  • Chargers Offensive Line
  • The NFL Draft
  • The tumultuous Chargers offseason
  • Los Angeles/Carson Stadium Situation
  • Eric Weddle vs Tom Telesco

It’s a great time, so pop your headphones in and listen away!

12: How to Follow Instructions

Hide yo pens, John was feeling extra surly this week, and nobody was spared his wrath. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so bad, but John did get a bit testy with people in fail to follow basic instructions.

Aside from the drama and berating, John did get to touch on some important subjects. Injured players, future free agent targets, fashion, and the deeply important question of why Patriots players were seen hanging out with the Biebs.

No pens were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

11: Welcoming the Rams to Town

Should San Diego Chargers fans be worried about their 6-4 team? That’s the big topic I’ll be hitting right away in this week’s version of Gennaroly Speaking, but then I’ll be going through previously-submitted questions and any questions submitted in the live thread.

10: The Southern California Chargers

John Gennaro takes to the mic once again this week to answer your questions, live on the air. This week, John talks about whether or not the Raiders were playing dirty football, previewing the Kansas City Chiefs, and why do San Diego football fans hate LA football fans?

9: Could the Chargers Lose to the Raiders?

John Gennaro talks about the 4-1 San Diego Chargers, their perfect offense, the future of Branden Oliver, and their upcoming game against the Raiders. Should fans be concerned about a trap game? Have the injuries become too much for Philip Rivers to overcome? John has the answers!

5: Chargers vs Cardinals Preview

Gennaroly Speaking for Week 1 of the regular season! There will be plenty of talk about the Arizona Cardinals and their matchup against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football, but we’ll also spend time talking about the Chargers roster (and if they’re done tinkering with it) and I’ll make some predictions for the season.

4: Chargers 53-Man Roster

Last night was fun! Usually, Gennaroly Speaking doesn’t have much of a point and just ends up being a collection of rants from me, but last night we had a goal: Cut the San Diego Chargers roster down from 75 players (currently) to 53 players.

Do I think this will be the Chargers final 53-man roster? No. There will be guys signed from other teams in the mix. However, I do think we made some wise choices when we got rid of 22 players last night.

Here is the spreadsheet we were working off of last night to get down to 53. Guys in green already have secured spots on the roster. Guys in yellow were pushed through to the 53-man roster by us. Guys in red didn’t make the cut.