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Latest Episodes

97: Draft Show: Quarterbacks

The combine is over so we have officially entered the beginning of draft season and it is time to find out which player will get the Lightning Round Podcast seal of approval for the Chargers pick at #7. Before they breakdown the quarterback prospects they give you the set-up of what to expect from these draft shows, which will be released every week leading up to the draft. Garrett and Jamie give their quarterback draft profiles, list a few sleepers, give their Top 5 and take some questions on the first draft edition of 2017 of the Lightning Round Podcast.

96: Top 5 Defensive Free Agents

Last week they covered the Offense and now it’s time for their personal Top 5 Defensive Free Agents. They list their “guys” and then take more Free Agent questions, some questions about the draft and everything in between. With Free Agency approaching here are some important names to keep an eye on for the Chargers.

95: Top 5 Offensive Free Agents

Last show was all about the Chargers internal Free Agents, this time it’s focused on Offensive Free Agents. The boys touch on Joey Bosa’s comments about Mike McCoy, the “hiring” of new Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley and of course the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Lastly, they list their personal Top 5 Offensive Free Agents based on team need, fit and price tag.

94: Which Chargers Free Agents should the team re-sign?

It’s time to do some house cleaning. Garrett and Jamie start the offseason Podcasts by going over the Chargers internal Free Agents. They cover every Unrestricted Free Agent, Restricted Free Agent and Exclusive Rights Free Agents and decide who’s worth keeping on the team. The guys talk about which players they’d Franchise Tag, which players they’d give an extension to and also who they’d cut to save some money heading into Free Agency.

93: Everything on Chargers New HC Anthony Lynn

It’s two podcasts in one week and this show covers nothing but the Chargers new man in charge Anthony Lynn. The guys cover his background, strengths, weaknesses, the system he runs and some concerns they have about the new hire. No questions this week, they just converse for 38 minutes on everything they know about Anthony Lynn and decide if this is a good selection by the Chargers for their new Head Coach.

92: Relocation mess & the future of the Lightning Round Podcast

This version of the Lightning Round Podcast is NSFW.

Jamie and Garrett record the Podcast while nerves are still raw and emotions still high about the Chargers move to Los Angeles. It’s the first time both of them have personally dealt with the relocation since the announcement. They start from the beginning and talk about how they became fans of the Chargers and how we got to this point. The guys air it all out and then talk about the future of the Lightning Round Podcast.

91: Reviewing the Head Coaching Candidates

Jamie was wrong, Mike McCoy is gone. So far we’ve heard six potential interviews for the position of Chargers new Head Coach. The guys breakdown all six options, talk about some other Chargers coaching rumors and also include all the Head Coaches that have been fired and if any of them would be a good fit for the team. They take a whole lot of questions about other possible Head Coaches, more draft questions and so much more on this Post-McCoy era edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.

90: Top 5 Head Coaching Candidates

This season has been rough and it’s time to start looking towards next year already even if the season isn’t over. Jamie and Garrett give their personal Top 5 realistic heading coaching candidates for 2017. Not only do they discuss possible Chargers coaches but they also talk about their nightmare scenario at Head Coach and their dream scenario at Head Coach. They answer a lot of questions including their opinions on bringing on Norv Turner at Offensive Coordinator or Rex Ryan as Defensive Coordinator and a lot more on this episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.


89: The Dean Who Stole Christmas

It’s a Chargers fans Christmas story. Listen to Garrett and Jamie tell you the tale of the Dean Who Stole Christmas and a group of San Diegans who overcame all obstacles this holiday season. After we’ve all had a little holiday cheer, the guys do an abbreviated breakdown of the game against the Raiders and take a slew of listener questions, that and a whole lot more of this Christmas edition of the Lightning Round Podcast.

88: #DownWithTheTank2: Electric Boogaloo

The Chargers got run over by the (then) 4 win Panthers and the guys sacrificed their sanity by recording the show directly after the game. They talk about Rivers bad decisions, why it’s all about development and assessment for the rest of the year and let’s go all in on #DownWithTheTank2. Jamie answers whether he still thinks McCoy will be extended, Garrett talks about the music programming at Qualcomm and they throw a few new hashtags for draft season. All that and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.